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Construction Work on New Laboratories

Below we will give a short overview of the construction work involved in establishing new laboratories to accommodate the 400 WB and 700 WB Ultrashielded Bruker magnets and a new wet lab.

A temporary hole in the outside wall has been made to ease the access to the laboratories while the construction work is going on.

And a dust-wall was set up in the corridor inside. This was to protect the laser labs on the other side of the corridor from dust and noise caused by the construction work.

The new laboratory originally was three separate rooms, but rapidly the walls between them were broken down.

The hole for the pit has now been made. This lasted less than 4 hours to dig the hole of size 6 by 4 meters. In the middle of the picture is the large saw used to remove the concrete wall on the left side of the pit.

The wall to the corridor has been partly broken down to allow installation of a larger door (which allows the 700 WB magnet to go through). This requires some additional stabilization of the wall.

The workers are now making the wood shell for the concrete walls of the pit.

And after having found the appropriate - non-magnetic - stainless steel for the reinforcement, the walls are now ready to be concreted.

Not all resonances are as welcome as nuclear magnetic resonances...

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