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Name:Louise Odgaard Jakobsen
Profession:Ph.D. Student
Work address: Laboratory for Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy
Department of Chemistry


Department of Biophysics
University of Aarhus
Home address: Chr. Molbechsvej 12, 3th
DK-8000 Aarhus C
Office phone: +45 8942 3429
Dept. duties:


Cation and nucleotide binding sites on the Na,K-ATPase studied by solid-state NMR spectroscopy and other biophysical methods.

Curriculum Vitae

Personal data

Name:Louise Odgaard Jakobsen
Date of Birth:September 2, 1974
Marital status:Married


2000-:Ph. D. Student
1994-2000:M. Sc. Student in Chemistry and Mathematics
1990-1993:High School


Publications in Reviewed Journals

  1. J. Underhaug, L. Odgaard Jakobsen, A. Malmendal, P. Fojan, M. Esmann, and N. C. Nielsen, FEBS Lett. 580, 4777-4783 (2006).
    NMR studies of the Fifth Transmembrane Segment of Na+,K+-ATPase Reveals a Non-Helical Ion-Binding Region
  2. L.O. Jakobsen, N.C. Nielsen, and M. Esmann, Ann. NY Acad. Sci. 986, 290-292 (2003).
    Interactions between cations and Na,K-ATPase membranes studied by solid-state NMR
  3. L. Odgaard, M. Bak, H. J. Jakobsen, and N. C. Nielsen, J. Magn. Reson. 148, 298-308 (2001).
    13C Chemical Shift and 13C - 14N Dipolar Coupling Tensors Determined by 13C Rotary Resonance Solid-State NMR