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Name:Julie Søgaard Nielsen
Profession:MSc. Student
Work address: Laboratory for Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy
Department of Chemistry
University of Aarhus
Langelandsgade 140, DK-8000 Aarhus C, Denmark
Home address:
Office: 512-220
Office phone: 8942 3871
Dept. duties:



Curriculum Vitae

Personal data

Name:Julie Søgaard Nielsen
Date of Birth:19 July 1972
Marital status:Single


1991-1995:BSc. Chemistry, Imperial College, University of London
1997-2002:Ph.D Chemistry, Birkbeck College, University of London


Publications in Reviewed Journals

  1. J. Stec-Niemczyk, K. Pustelny, M. Kisielewska, M. Bista, K.T. Boulware, H.R. Stennicke, I.B. Thogersen, P.S. Daugherty, J.J. Enghild, K. Baczynski, G.M. Popowicz, A. Dubin, J. Potempa, and G. Dubin, Biophysical Journal 419, 555-564 (2009).
    Structural and functional characterization of SplA, an exclusively specific protease of Staphylococcus aureus
  2. M. Bjerring, J.S. Nielsen, A. Siu, N.C. Nielsen, F.C. Krebs, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 92, 772-784 (2008).
    An explanation for the high stability of polycarboxythiophenes in photovoltaic devices - A by solid-state NMR dipolar recoupling study
  3. M. Bjerring, J.S. Nielsen, N.C. Nielsen, F.C. Krebs, Macromolecules 40, 6012-6013 (2007).
    Polythiophene by solution processing
  4. Heard P.J., Kite K., Nielsen J.S., Tocher D.A, Journal of the Chemical Society-Dalton Transactions 8, 1349-1356 (2000).
    Trimethylplatinum(IV) complexes of dithiocarbamato ligands: an experimental NMR study on the barrier to C-N bond rotation
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