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Name:Johannes Overgaard
Profession:Assistent Professor
Work address: Department of Terrestrial Ecology
National Environmental Research Institute
Vejlsoevej 25, P.O. Box 314
DK-8600 Silkeborg
Home address: Valkyrievej 11
DK-8600 Silkeborg
Office phone: +45 8920 1481
Dept. duties:


Metabonomics is defined as the 'The quantitative measurement of the dynamic multiparametric metabolic response of living systems to pathophysiological stimuli or genetic modification'. The metabonomic approach, therefore allows for an evaluation of the changes in metabolic profile of animals/humans exposed to changing environmental conditions, drugs, stress etc.

A number of experimental techniques can be used to measure the metabolic 'finger-print' of a biological sample. Here we primarily work with NMR-spectroscopy as this technique provides for quick measurements of a wide range of the metabolites found in a tissue sample.

We are currently working on the stress response in fruit-fly (Drosophilla melanogaster), where we in collaboration with other groups at the University of Aarhus are examining both changes in gene-expression and metabolic profile in response to physical stress such as heat, cold, starvation and longevity. In terms of metabonomics our aim is to identify how the multivariate metabolic pattern changes following a stress exposure. Through this approach we hope to identify key-metabolites and metabolic pathways that are affected by severe stress.

Curriculum Vitae

Personal data

Name:Johannes Overgaard
Date of Birth:Dec 30, 1971
Marital status:Married, two children


1993-2000:M.Sc. in Biology
2000-2003:Ph.D. at Department of Zoophysiology, University of Aarhus.


2003-2005:Post Doc. at ACES (Aarhus Center for Environmental Stress Research)
2004:4-month position at POCEFF (EU-project concerning the use of copepod larvea as food source during commercial rearing of fish fry)


Publications in Reviewed Journals

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    Extracellular determinants of cardiac contractility in the cold, anoxic turtle.
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Seminar Presentations

  1. Centre for Respiratory Adaptation: 3rd Minisymposium, University of Odense (1998).

  2. 20th ESCPB Conference: Molecular, physiological and behavioural adaptations to environmental factors, University of Aarhus (1999).

  3. Experimental Biology 2000 - Milestones and goals, University of Cambridge (2000).

  4. Centre for Respiratory Adaptation: Last Minisymposium, University of Aarhus (2001).

  5. International Workshop on Physiological Adaptations to Feeding and Digestion in Python, University of Aarhus (2001).

  6. Society for Experimental Biology: Annual meeting, University of Kent at Canterbury (2001).

  7. The 3rd Nordic Symposium on Fish, Frog and Reptile Physiology, Sweden (2002).

  8. Society for Experimental Biology: Annual meeting, Heriot-Watt University, Edingborough (2004).

  9. NorFA/GESS, Nordic network in environmental stress research, Ronbjerg, Denmark (2004).
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